Llewellin Setter History

We had a website up and running for over 15 years but it has been quite some time since our last update and I have to retrain myself on how to create one with the latest and greatest technology.  Please bear with us as we work to provide you with as much information as possible about our Llewellins and why we feel they are the best around. 

What we find the most remarkable about these dogs is that they are the ultimate combination of hunting ability and sound disposition which are both important factors as you consider a life companion and partner.  We do not have litters often as we are constantly looking for dogs that will improve on what we look for in our ideal dog.  This pursuit has lead us all over the world and we have had the fortune of hunting behind our dogs and those of others for some incredible adventures in the US, Belgium, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland.  It is only through experience and careful observation that you see what qualities are most important.  Our desire is the keep these dogs around for the next generation of hunters.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of exposing these dogs to other audiences through exciting means.  Our dogs have been used in television commercials doing the thing they love most - hunting quail in South Texas.  We were also extended the honor or demonstrating our Llewellins in the field for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston alongside Holland & Holland, Range Rover, and Orvis for their respective products. 

Obviously, the people and experiences that our dogs have introduced us to are second to none.  We are truly appreciative of all of you that have reached out and continue to love these dogs as much as we do.

Until we get things up and running again from website perspective - you can reach us by text or phone at (713) 825-9725 or by email at el1ndio@yahoo.com.  It's a Houston number but we have since moved to San Antonio - just hard to get rid of that number once so many have it. 

Hope to see you in the field sometime soon!